NOLINE the best brand of eco-friendly cleaning wipes: Car - Motorcycle - House

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  • Kit de 80 lingettes Noline et sa microfibre Pro

    Noline 80 Wipes kit + Professionnal Microfiber

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  • Noline 30 wipes kit + professionnal microfiber

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  • NSN Noline® Shine Spray Cleaner

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  • Chiffon Microfribre Noline

    Professional MICROFIBER Rag – NOLINE®

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  • ECO Pack NOLINE – 110 Wipes

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  • Travel’Can Mini Carrying Case

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  • NOLINE Backpack

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  • NOLINE box-shaped balloon

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Learn more about Noline and Phoenix Innovations

Ensemble de boites de lingettes Noline : Ecofriendly et Made in France

The NOLINE concept

NOLINE ? But what is it? How does it work? Who is Phoenix Innovations? The answers to all your questions are here!

Voiture Smart Noline

NOLINE on the road

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Produits Noline Ecofriendly


The unique formulations of NOLINE and NSN contain no solvents or silicone.


Don’t throw away your used wipe right away, as long as there is still NOLINE solution on it, you can use it on areas such as plastic or glass that require less product.


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Who are we?

PHOENIX INNOVATIONS, a young French family business (Lyon area), is dedicated to innovation in many fields.

For almost ten years we have been developing and evolving the principle of cleaning wipes.
The new NOLINE® cleaning wipes meet all your cleaning and renovation needs today.

  • High quality products
  • Food Standard CE 1935/2004
  • Customer satisfaction


Produits Noline Ecofriendly

100% French manufacturing

We manufacture NOLINE in our premises in RILLIEUX LA PAPE (near Lyon)