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A professional quality microfiber for scratch-free cleaning and polishing.

NOLINE® microfiber is a superior quality cloth, composed of millions of very fine microfibers. It shines on all surfaces with maximum, unsurpassed shine and no scratching.

Use the microfiber in conjunction with NOLINE® wipes for optimal finish and protection. It is suitable for all surfaces on which you can use our wipes: plastics, bodywork, fittings, glass, carbon, glass ceramics, including the most fragile materials.

Recognized as the essential accessory for car and motorcycle cleaning, this microfiber is much more effective than a simple chamois. It guarantees a final result without fingerprints or residual product.


Characteristics of the NOLINE® microfiber

Machine washable, NOLINE® professional microfiber is lint-free. It is made of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide, with a high weight of 350 g/m, which gives it a long life and an unparalleled shining effect.

Opting for the NOLINE® microfiber cloth pro is choosing an ecological and sustainable solution.

Advantages of microfiber

  • Does not scratch
  • Does not leave streaks, even on glass, mirrors and shiny surfaces
  • Highly absorbent
  • Strong cleaning and degreasing power
  • Ideal for cleaning, shining or drying surfaces
  • Very long life
  • Ecological and healthy cleaning, respectful of health and the environment
  • Can be used dry or with NSN shine cleaner

“The microfiber provided is really big and of good quality. You can use it all over the bike without worrying about keeping it clean all the way.”

Source : Motard Adventure 

How to use microfiber properly?

Cleaning your cars, motorcycles, boats, bicycles, tractors, campers and trucks

Outdoor cleaning

Cleaning: Apply NSN Brilliant Cleaner spray and wipe with the microfiber cloth. Start with the cleanest surfaces and finish with the dirtiest.

Buffing: After applying the NOLINE® wipes or shine spray, gently rub the surface with the cloth in a circular motion without applying pressure.

Drying: Gently wipe the surface to dry. Make sure the cloth is clean so as not to leave streaks.

Interior Washing

Cleaning of plastics: Wipe dry or after applying shine spray to remove marks and dust.

Cleaning fabrics, leathers and alcantara: After applying a NOLINE® wipe, dampen the microfiber with water to complete the cleaning if needed.

Cleaning around the house

In addition to NOLINE® wipes: use the microfiber cloth to finish cleaning ceramic hobs, stainless steel, windows and mirrors. NOLINE® wipes are specially formulated for cleaning food surfaces.

With the shine spray: apply the shine spray to all non-food contact surfaces such as musical instruments, gardening tools, shoes or varnished wood furniture.

Care Tips

To maintain the quality and efficiency of the NOLINE® microfiber, we recommend the following tips:

  • Machine wash the microfiber cloth at 40°C to 60°C.
  • Do not use bleach, fabric softener or chlorine when washing.
  • Let your microfiber cloth air dry.
  • Keep it away from humidity.

Additional information

Weight 0,200000 kg
Dimensions 0,000000 × 0,000000 × 0,000000 cm

40 cm


50 cm


350 g/m²


Polyester 80% / Polyamide 20%

Produits Noline Ecofriendly

Made in France

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