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Discover our NOLINE® Spray Cleaner to restore the shine to all your surfaces without harming the environment

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Characteristics of the NOLINE® Spray Cleaner

Just like our cleaning wipes, NOLINE® Spray Cleaner is a product with multiple properties:

Multi-function: It cleans, shines, polishes and protects
Multi-surface: It is suitable for all surfaces, even the most delicate
Eco friendly: Its formula respects the environment and human health
Healthy: Formulated without solvents or acetone
Effective: A product that offers excellent performance
Economical: It allows a complete wash without water

NOLINE® Spray Cleaner can be used for domestic use and for cleaning all types of vehicles: cars, motorbikes, bicycles, trucks, motor homes, boats, tractors, etc.
An ecological and healthy multi-surface product
NOLINE® Spray Cleaner is suitable for all surfaces, including the most delicate:

  • metal,
  • plastic,
  • glass,
  • glass ceramics
  • fabric, leather, velvet
  • wood,
  • etc.

Its formulation is designed to respect the environment and human health:

  • Solvent-free,
  • Silicone free,
  • Acetone free.

NOLINE® Spray Cleaner is entirely made in France.
A product specially designed for the complete cleaning of vehicles without water

Cleaning your car without water: a necessity for many users

NOLINE® Spray Cleaner is an ecological solution that allows you to clean your vehicle completely without water. Indeed, even if few individuals know it, it is forbidden to wash your vehicle with water at home because of the risk of pollution linked to the discharge of waste water. According to Article 7 of Decree 2003-462, washing a vehicle with water is punishable by a fine of 450 euros. To clean your car, motorbike or truck with water, you must go to a car wash equipped with a wastewater treatment system.

However, it is possible to clean your car without water or dry. However, this type of cleaning can be relatively expensive, especially if you use several products: shampoo, wheel cleaner, polish, insect repellent, wax, window cleaner, renovator, etc. The key is to choose the right product or products that are both effective and economical.

An all-in-one product for car and motorbike detailing

If you don’t want to multiply products without compromising on efficiency, NOLINE® Spray Cleaner is the perfect multi-purpose product for you. It offers an economical solution for cleaning vehicles as it performs several functions:

Cleaning: removes dirt from all interior and exterior surfaces.
Shine: it reduces defects and micro-scratches on surfaces, it restores the shine to bodywork, glass, chrome, etc.
Protection: it leaves a thin, non-greasy protective layer on the surface.

Noline cleaner is effective on both dry and wet surfaces.

Our tips for cleaning your vehicle without water

To clean your vehicle without water, we recommend the following procedure:

  1. Use several microfibre cloths for the different stages of cleaning.
  2. Start with the cleanest areas, preferably at the top of the vehicle, and finish with the dirtiest.
  3. Spray NOLINE® Spray Cleaner on a small area of the surface to be cleaned.
  4. Before applying the microfibre, check that it does not contain anything that could scratch your surface. If necessary, do not hesitate to shake or rinse the microfiber to remove unwanted elements.
  5. Moisture in the microfibre does not reduce the effectiveness of our cleaning product. If necessary, change the microfibre cloth.
  6. When cleaning, apply the cloth from top to bottom and avoid ironing over the surface.
  7. To polish, change cloths, spray the surface with NOLINE® Spray Cleaner and rub the surface in a circle.
  8. Wash your microfibre cloths at 40-60°C without using bleach or fabric softener and let them air dry.