NSN Noline® Shine Spray Cleaner


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Clean without water and shine on even the most delicate surfaces

NOLINE® Cleaner Spray (NSN in French) is an all-in-one, non-aggressive product. Ideal for restoring shine to all surfaces, it will allow you to maintain all your vehicles: car, motorcycle, scooter, quad, boat, truck, camper, tractor, bikes… It is also perfect for cleaning household equipment.

100% made in France, the NOLINE® Spray Cleaner is eco-designed.

The kit includes :

  • 1 liter can of NOLINE® formula
  • 1 ergonomic trigger spray
  • 1 professional quality microfiber


Cleaning household equipment

NOLINE® Spray Cleaner can also be used in the home for cleaning musical instruments (guitars, piano, drums, etc.), gardening and hobby tools, and varnished wood furniture.

For the cleaning and degreasing of surfaces in contact with food, we recommend the use of our cleaning wipes.

Instructions for use

  • Screw the trigger on the NOLINE® Spray Cleaner can
  • Spray a small area on the surface to be cleaned
  • Gently scrub with a sponge or microfiber cloth
  • Use a clean microfiber cloth to buff the surface in a circular motion
  • Repeat over the entire surface.

What surfaces can I use NOLINE® Spray Cleaner on?

Our product is suitable for all surfaces:

  • metal,
  • plastics,
  • leather,
  • fabrics,
  • chromes,
  • aluminum,
  • stainless steel,
  • wood,
  • etc.

It can also be used on all fragile surfaces: marine, transparent, industrial, aeronautical, domestic…

What are the characteristics of NOLINE® Spray Cleaner?

Our spray cleaner is an ecological product that allows the cleaning of many surfaces without using water. It is also eco-friendly. It is non-toxic and safe for everyday use on treated surfaces.

NOLINE® Spray Cleaner also has an all-in-one action that, in addition to cleaning, degreases, shines and protects. Unlike competitive products, NOLINE® Cleaner is not formulated with silicone and therefore does not leave a greasy film on surfaces.

How do I use the NSN kit?

Many vehicle owners today are looking for products that are effective, affordable and environmentally responsible. NOLINE® offers an alternative to traditional detailing products, which are often costly and dangerous to the health of users.

NOLINE® allows you to clean your entire vehicle with a single product and without using water. It can be used on :

  • Plastics & rubbers (headlights, seals, bumpers…)
  • Windows and mirrors (windshields, windows, mirrors…)
  • Painted surfaces (bodywork…)
  • Metals (chrome, aluminum, stainless steel, composite materials…)
  • Textiles (leather, alcantara, fabrics…)

The microfiber provided allows to easily remove dust and impurities on surfaces. Unlike chamois leather, it allows to polish the bodywork without leaving any traces.

“With Noline, the finish is more natural looking. Your body will shine without a problem, but plastics and matte paints will retain more of their original appearance. It may not be as flashy for someone who wants to make an impression on a motorcycle show, but it’s more pleasant to the touch. Running my fingers over the surface, I don’t feel any ‘greasy’ look at all.”

Source : https://motard-adventure.com

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