Exclusive products for Professionals and Industrialists

Produits pour les pros et industriels

You are a professional or an industrial and you need our products in large volumes? Do you need our dedicated NU-915 or NSP products?

Then contact us via the button below, or call us directly.

NU - 915

Packaged in 5 litre or 30 litre packs
for professionals

To be used pure for very heavy soiling,
or dilute 10 to 25% in water.
Spray on the surface to be treated.
Allow to act for a few seconds.
Rub lightly if necessary.
Rinse with water.

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Packaged in 5 litre or 30 litre containers
for professionals

SUPER Cleaner pro
Very heavy soiling : Use pure or diluted
Medium soiling : 1 + 2
Light soiling : 1 + 4
By spraying
By soaking

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