Cleaning wipes

NOLINE® cleaning wipes are suitable for waterless cleaning of all surfaces, so they are multifunctional and multi-surface. Healthy and environmentally friendly, they are perfectly suited for daily waterless cleaning of vehicles and home equipment. Our wipes are sold in a box or in a kit with a professional quality microfiber cloth to eliminate traces and finalize the cleaning.

  • ECO Pack NOLINE – 110 Wipes

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  • Noline 30 wipes kit + professionnal microfiber

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  • Kit de 80 lingettes Noline et sa microfibre Pro

    Noline 80 Wipes kit + Professionnal Microfiber

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  • Travel’Can Mini Carrying Case

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Why use cleaning wipes?

NOLINE® wipes have many properties that make them a healthy and effective product for daily cleaning of vehicles and the home. This high quality product allows for waterless cleaning of all vehicles.

Multi-surface wipes

NOLINE® cleaning wipes are specially designed to be used on all surfaces, including the most fragile and demanding. They do not scratch and restore materials to their original shine.

  • Glass and mirrors,
  • Plastics,
  • Rubber,
  • Metals (stainless steel, copper, steel, aluminum)
  • Painted surfaces (e.g. car bodies),
  • Glass ceramics,
  • Carbon,
  • Chrome,
  • Textiles (fabrics, leather, etc.),
  • wood,
  • Etc.

With NOLINE® wipes, you can clean all the interior and exterior surfaces of your vehicles:

  • Automotive
  • Motorcycle
  • Bicycle
  • Truck
  • Motor home
  • Tractor
  • Boat
  • Plane – ULM

Thanks to the CE 1935/2014 food contact standard, NOLINE® cleaning wipes can also be used throughout the house:

  • Ceramic or induction hobs,
  • Ovens,
  • Cupboard doors,
  • Extractor hoods,
  • Door frames,
  • Glazed furniture,
  • Musical instruments,
  • Tools,
  • Shoes,
  • etc.

The cleaning wipes remove all stubborn marks: paint, grease, friction, etc.

Multifunctional wipes

NOLINE® wipes have a powerful cleaning and degreasing function. Thanks to their innovative formula and the weave of the wipes that retains all impurities, they effectively remove all dirt from surfaces.
In addition, NOLINE® wipes perform several functions. They are formulated to :

  • Clean
  • Shine,
  • Protect.

Applied to matte paint, NOLINE® wipes restore its original appearance without making it shiny.

Ecological wipes

The formula that impregnates our wipes is healthy and developed to respect the health of users and the environment. It is elaborated :

  • Without solvents
  • Without silicone
  • Without acetone

The wipes are also eco-friendly and manufactured in France using bio-sourced materials.

Economical wipes

Directly impregnated, the wipes keep for a very long time in their hermetic packaging. Wipes that have not been fully used and have air dried can be rewetted without affecting their effectiveness.
NOLINE® wipes are ideal for car/motorcycle detailing at a lower purchase price than many equivalent products on the market.

How do I best use NOLINE® cleansing wipes?

On average, it takes 5 NOLINE® wipes to clean a car daily and 2.3 wipes to wash a motorcycle regularly.
Here are some tips on how to use NOLINE® wipes:

  1. Take one wipe and close the can tightly.
  2. Start with the cleanest areas and work your way to the dirtiest areas.
  3. Apply the wipe to a small area of about 30 cm on each side.
  4. For smooth surfaces, rub with the microfiber cloth to spread the product and shine.

This gives you a flawless finish. No need to rinse. Your surface is clean and protected.