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An economical pack for everyday use

NOLINE® is an effective cleaning and protection product for all surfaces.

It complies with the EC 1935/2014 food contact standard and can be used daily on all vehicles and throughout the house.

NOLINE® wipes are made without toxic products for humans and the environment.


Characteristics of NOLINE® wipes

Ideal for cleaning all surfaces without water, NOLINE® wipes are designed without toxic products for humans or the environment. They do not damage the skin, leave a pleasant smell and a protective film on all materials.

NOLINE® wipes can be used anywhere, including on food contact surfaces. They are also eco-friendly.

Ecological, economical and versatile, NOLINE® wipes offer multiple benefits.

A multi-surface cleaner

NOLINE® wipes are specially designed to clean a wide range of surfaces:

  • Glass, glass and mirror,
  • Plastic,
  • Rubber,
  • Metal including copper,
  • Bodywork,
  • Stainless steel,
  • Glass ceramics,
  • Carbon,
  • Chrome,
  • Painted surfaces,
  • Textiles (fabrics, leather, etc.)
  • Wood,
  • Etc.

They are CE 1935/2014 compliant and can therefore be used on food contact surfaces. 

You can use NOLINE® wipes for :

Vehicles [Car, Motorcycle, Bicycle, Boat, Camper, Truck…]: Bodywork, plastics, windows, rims, rubber, chrome, stainless steel, whitewalls, carbon, fittings…

Household equipment: glass ceramics, windows, TV, food processors, ovens, hoods, stainless steel, copper, shoes, garden tools, tractors, etc.

“The finish on the fairings is brilliant and the plastics are revived without being greasy.”

Stéphane – author of the blog

All in one product

NOLINE® wipes don’t just clean. The formula that impregnates them also has a :

  • degreasing
  • glossy
  • protective

As they pass through, they leave a protective film on the surface

The non-woven textile structure of the wipes easily captures dirt and holds it in the fibres.

“Efficient and very practical on many surfaces”

Source : Chaîne Youtube RS & Co

A product that respects the environment

NOLINE® wipes are eco-friendly, bio-based and impregnated with a non-toxic formula for humans and the environment.

They are formulated as :

  1. Solvent-free,
  2. Silicone free,
  3. Acetone free.

They allow for a waterless and non-aggressive wash. The kit also contains two washable microfibres of professional quality.

“Noline differs from its competitor in that it is environmentally friendly, solvent-free, but just as effective as Vulcanet.”

Source :

An economical kit

The kit contains a total of 110 wipes in two separate boxes. This means that they can be taken anywhere and do not take up any space in a vehicle.

On average, 5 wipes are needed for regular car maintenance. For a motorbike, only 2 wipes are needed to completely clean the vehicle. 

NOLINE® wipes are also reusable. If they become dry during use, they can be moistened with a little water without affecting their effectiveness. 

“The advantage of the Noline wipe is that it can be reactivated a little bit by moistening the area if you get to the end of the wipe but it’s not too dirty yet, which is nice.”

Source : Motard Adventure

  1. Take a wipe and close the lid of the box tightly.
  2. Start with the cleanest areas and work towards the dirtiest areas to be cleaned.
  3. Apply the wipe in small areas to the entire surface to be cleaned. 
  4. Shine the surface before drying with the NOLINE® professional microfiber. Do not apply too much pressure.

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