Noline 80 Wipes kit + Professionnal Microfiber



NOLINE is an effective cleaning and protective product, for all surfaces.
Thanks to its food contact standard CE 1935/2014 NOLINE® becomes a real everyday surface cleaning product.

On your vehicles [Auto, Motorcycle, Bike, Boat ..]: Bodywork, plastics, windows, rims, rubbers, chrome, stainless steel, white sides, carbon, fittings…

Domestic use: Vitroceramic, glass, TV, household robots, oven glass, high, stainless steel, copper, shoes, garden tools, tractors…


Ref LP0011

This Kit contains a BIG NOLINE BOX (80 impregnated wipes) + 1 Professionnal Microfiber
Cleans everything, everywhere, everytime…

  • Between 15 and 25 car cleanings (depending on size and dirt of the car)
  • Around 40 Washes for a motorcycle (4/5 wipes at first cleanings, then 2 only on a regular basis).

Requires a professional microfiber for the finish.

Produits Noline Ecofriendly

Made in France

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