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A kit of cleaning wipes to take everywhere

Noline® wipes clean, degrease, protect and shine all surfaces. Do you want to clean your motorcycle, car or bike without water? The kit of 30 Noline® cleaning wipes and its professional microfiber is easy to carry and can be easily slipped into your vehicle or garage. Suitable for food contact, you can also use them safely around the house.


Contents of the kit

The kit contains :

  • 1 NOLINE® box containing 30 impregnated non-woven wipes
  • 1 PRO washable microfiber

With a box of 30 NOLINE® cleaning wipes, you can perform :

  • Between 5 and 8 car washes (depending on the size and dirtiness of the car – 4 to 7 wipes for a medium-sized car)
  • Around 15 washes for a motorcycle (4/5 wipes for the first cleaning, then only 2 on a regular basis).

Eco-designed wipes

Labelled eco-friendly, NOLINE® cleaning wipes stand out for their absence of toxicity for users and the environment.

Made in France, they are :

  • Acetone-free,
  • Silicone-free,
  • Solvent-free.

The application of a NOLINE® wipe leaves a protective filter and a pleasant smell. Unlike other products on the market, they do not damage the skin. So there’s no need to wear gloves when using them.

Thanks to their long shelf life, they can be kept for several years in their properly closed storage box.

Easy-to-use, versatile wipes

NOLINE® wipes are specially designed to perform waterless cleaning of vehicles and a wide range of household equipment. They are effective on both dry and wet surfaces.

Their all-in-one natural formula allows them to be used on all surfaces, even the most delicate. Thanks to this unique composition, you can :

  • Clean,
  • Degrease,
  • Shine,
  • Protect.

Versatile, NOLINE® wipes will quickly become indispensable in daily life:

Washing vehicles: motorcycles, cars, bicycles, boats, tractors, trucks, vans, campers, etc. You no longer need to use several products to wash and shine. Our wipes ensure the cleaning and protection of your bodies, rims, engines, headlights, windshields, interior and exterior plastics, etc.

Household cleaning: glass ceramics, ovens, worktops, closet fronts and doors, hoods, robots and appliances, musical instruments, tools, shoes, the uses of NOLINE® wipes are endless. They comply with the CE 1935/2014 standard and can be used in the context of food contact.

Professional use: reception desks, offices, computer equipment, service vehicles, etc. Transportable and storable, the box of 30 wipes will easily fit in a service car or in a desk drawer and will allow each user to clean his workstation after each use.


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Aqua – Alkylpolyglycoside – Ester d’origine végétale – Sels tétrasodiques – Mélange de cires naturelles & synthétiques – Chlorure d’alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium – Parfum

Produits Noline Ecofriendly

Made in France

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